16 Recently, the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration has acquired from our company several electrical groups with power between 25 and 95 kVA for the GNR Buildings in Oliveira de Frades, Fafe, Castelo de Vide, Armamar, Estremoz to join the other previously acquired groups.
20 Supply of a mixed electric power generation solution, consisting of a 1,250 kVA Monoblock Transformer Station, a 660 kVA 670 kVA soundproof generator of the ATLAS COPCO / GESAN LINE brand and an automatic reversing system for the refrigeration installation of Processing of pelagic fish, such as: sardines, horse mackerel and mackerel, the Congele company in Benguela, Angola. Congele has a modern complex fish reception system, which includes conveyors by which the fish passes before going to the cold tunnels, three freezing tunnels that make up 55 tons of capacity and two storage chambers of 200 tons each. If, on the one hand, Baía Farta once salted a lot of fish, even consuming between 30 and 40 tons of salt / day only in salting; Nowadays, on the other hand 95 percent of the catches are destined for freezing.
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