03Provision and turn-by-turn installation of three groups of 660 kVA each and of the entire diesel fuel supply system, as well as the exhaust system for hot air, exhaust and noise resulting from the normal operation of the groups, For the Kuaquie Building in Angola, in partnership with CLEAR and Teixeira Duarte. This building located in the bay of Luanda has the following constitution: floor -1 (for technical areas and car parking), floor 0 (includes car parking, technical areas and commercial fraction), floor 1 (for technical areas, offices and clinic ), Floor 2 (includes a fraction of offices), floors 3 to 10 for housing and the coverage where the collections are located. The alternative power supply of the building is composed of three groups with equal powers in parallel mode, two of which will be able to feed the entire load of the building and go into automatic operation after a power failure. This installation has the following peculiarities: the diesel fuel tanks are located on the 1st floor, while the power generating units are on the 1st floor, which implies a very high degree of complexity for the fuel supply network. With regard to the exhaust gas exhaust pipes from the exit of the groups to the roof of the building, it has also proved to be a very interesting challenge, not only because of the complexity of the installation itself, but also of the fixing system inside the coupling. The soundproofing system, namely the supply and installation of the intake and exhaust dampers and all the necessary equipment to soundproofing the noise resulting from the operation of the groups, revealed a very interesting challenge, as it allowed us to acquire knowledge in the area of ​​soundproofing.
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