QIS NEW RANGE - Atlas Copco / Gesan Line

Designed and built to the very highest standards, QIS range carries out extreme testing for both components and for the assembled units – resulting in exceptional reliability.

QIS Novidades2Main characteristics:

Wide power range from 10 to 1420kva.

Maximal versatility and self configurability via its unique and easy to use self upgradeable, from single use to paralelling, control and power panel. *Available from 220 kVA.

- Smarter and safer installation with its vertical power cable outlet through the frame.

Excellent accessibility and superior serviceability. Large removable 45° doors from 65 to 330 kVA.

- Ideal to be used in the most noise-sensitive areas. Different noise-attenuation level enclosures.

Excellent accessibility and serviceability that allows easy cleaning of the radiator and convenient access to the alternator.

Works reliably in extreme temperatures.

A single lifting point ensures safe, simple and well-balanced handling.

Spillage-free frame, internal filling inlet. Easy and clean drainage of all liquids.

Tough, rust-proof canopy protects all components.


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