04 Supply of three 275 kVA electro-groups with no soundproof canopy for parallel operation, two of which have the capacity to feed the entire load, with the third being reserved for the other two, for the Dyeji building in Angola, in partnership with Teixeira Duarte and Indulad. The 11-storey Dyeji Building is part of the Parcel 3 subdivision of Baia de Luanda, located in the largest area of ​​the island of Cabo. This building, mixed of housing and offices, is located in one of the most central blocks of the plot, benefiting from a privileged visual exposure to the seafront of the Bay. In the building, with 1 floor for offices and 7 for housing, the asymmetry of the facade plans, together with the design of the windows, results in a figure that resembles an immense musical pattern. Its interior consists of a total of 28 apartments, each with 2 or 3 sun exposure fronts, which translates into an excellent visual perspective on the arch of the Bay and the city skyline.
07 Supply of two electro-generating groups Atlas Copco / Gesan Premium line DVAS 275 E of 275 kVA soundproofed to the Water Treatment Station of CALAI in Angola. With a durability of up to 2034, the first water treatment and distribution system in the southern border of Cuando Cubango, Namibia, has the capacity to serve more than 50,000 inhabitants.
08 Following the acquisition of the Gesan brand by Atlas Copco, the factory located in Zaragoza - Spain has become an Atlas Copco Competence Center, which will represent a strong boost in terms of investment and development of new products and applications . This decision means the consolidation of the Zaragoza plant as a world reference center, allowing the Gesan line to continue with its ambitious international expansion plan, establishing itself as a benchmark in the energy generation sector globally.

09CTT - Correios de Portugal, SA, recently acquired the compressed air system composed of two compressors of the ATLAS COPCO brand GA22VSD with their respective built-in dryers and the extension of the compressed air network on the floor 1 for the installation of service points with outlets to support the maintenance of the Restmail machine at the CTT building in Cabo Ruivo Lisboa, with the execution of the complementary works necessary for its proper functioning. The contract included the necessary adaptations of the existing infrastructures to the connection of the new piping with all the necessary accessories. This last generation machine in the distribution of orders, unique in Europe to date, treats from 80 to 100 thousand objects per day. In the ample facilities of the center are numerous the parcels that await their classification. In practice, the machine photographs the addresses and, after entering its postal code, the objects circulate by giant conveyor, which distributes them for each of the 250 baskets, which correspond to the postal distribution centers in the country.
10 Acquisition of another 95 kVA generator set by Almina - Minas do Alentejo, S.A., to add to the remaining 695 kVA already acquired previously. Almina is a Portuguese capital company whose corporate purpose is the extraction and valorisation of pyrites, sulphides and other minerals, commercialization, transportation of products and derivatives and the investigation, acquisition and development of process and technological methods in its mining activities.
11 Acquisition of a further 95 kVA generator by the Turim Hotels group, joining the remaining 655 kVA previously acquired for its Lisbon hotel chain, namely Hotel Turim Marquês, Turim Europa, Turim Luxe, Turim Boulevard, between others.
14 Supply of a 220 kVA electric group to Caetano Coatings, in partnership with Comatroni - Telecomunicações e Electrónica, Lda., In Carregado, part of the Salvador Caetano group, as an industrial division for the pickling, metallization and painting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Ferrous metals.
15 Supply and assembly in partnership with the company Nelson & Patrício - Sociedade de Construção Civil, Lda. Of two 140 kVA electrogene groups for hotel units: one for the Hotel Empire Lisbon and the other for the Residential Hotel Capital of Lisbon. Hotel Empire Lisbon is located in the heart of Lisbon's Almirantes Reis Avenue, just 4.5 km from the airport. This hotel has 63 rooms and benefits from proximity to various points of interest, namely the Castle of São Jorge, the Lisbon Cathedral, the historical districts of Alfama, Graça and Mouraria, the main squares of the capital and the typical viewpoints with panoramic views the city. The Hotel Residencial Capital de Lisboa is also located in Lisbon, on Elias Garcia Avenue.
17 Acquisition of a generator set with soundproof canopy of 410 kVA emergency power for emergency power supply at VARN Carnes facilities in Frielas. Due to the lack of space on the ground, this group is mounted on a structure designed for the purpose above the Transformation Station.

Supply of a group of 35 kVA with an extended storage for one month to feed the guard house and the lighting system of the building of aerial light signaling in the building of Refuge Farm in Oeiras. The building has a very different architecture from the usual one, where its facade is all covered with glass.
19 Supply of thirteen 6.5 kVA portable generating units totaling 84.5 kVA for Civil Protection to several locations in Mainland Portugal, namely Municipal Emergency and Civil Protection Operations Center of Celorico da Beira and Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo; Municipality of Manteigas, Pinhel, Penamacor and Trancoso; Municipal Library in Almeida; Municipal Campsite of Guarda; Warehouse of the City Hall of Sabugal; Civil Protection Building of Mêda and the Association of Municipalities of Cova da Beira.

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